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This blog is about love, law and robots.

Law: I am a legally trained person based in Singapore. During the day, I help my colleagues navigate the difficult world of rules, approvals and prohibitions. Being part of a detail-orientated profession and organisation, I am at home with complexity. There’s always a satisfaction when there’s a twinkle in the eyes of someone I am helping that says I get it.

If you need buzzwords of my interests, here’s a few:

  • Data Protection/ Privacy (I am CIPP/A certified!)
  • Compliance
  • Contract Drafting and Language

Love. Law. Robots. is my personal blog. The positions, opinions and strategies set out in this site are my own and do not represent my employer’s positions, opinions or strategies or anyone I work with.

For quite a significant part of my professional life though, I went to court and said a lot of things that people wanted me to say. Of course, there were companies and rich folks, but it was always the little guys which I remember the most.

I cannot really imagine saying anything that amounts to legal advice in this blog. Anyway for the record, the content here is provided for general information and nothing here should be relied upon as legal advice. Don’t be a fool – if you need advice, hire a lawyer, don’t read a blog.

Robots: To me, my interest in technology is about possibility. I love listening about connected vehicles, artificial intelligence and how people’s lives would get better every day. I am also interested in the possibility for danger and displacement.

Love: Everyone is passionate about something, but this is not about that. Life is difficult, and we all need a little love to get through. It is the little victories and the little guys whom we have helped that remind us of the impact we have in the world.

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