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A Work plan for the New Year!

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It’s been a long year, and now it is almost the end of November! I’m glad that I restarted this blog, and improved my coding skills tremendously. I’ve had fun with Docker and Docassemble, and I am feeling confident about what I can do with computers.

Here’s a bunch of things I would like to do in 2020:

1. Write Less Data Protection, Write More Something else

Don’t get me wrong, I still deeply love privacy and data protection and there are many more things to cover in the new year. Next year might also be the year I get my CIPM. I don’t think I have run out of things to say on that front.

Data protection in Singapore has however gone a long way since 2017 when I first delved more deeply in the scene. There is now a monthly release schedule of decisions. You cannot exactly run a blog highlighting “oh don’t do this and that”. Such entries do not add anything to the conversation.

I also did not really want this to be a “Data Protection” blog but many of my posts have gravitated here. I am not sure I have really found my voice. Hopefully I can work on it next year.

2. Use my Tech Powers for more Good

I am sure there are other lawyers who can code, but there aren’t so many of us.

Finding an Open Source project I believe in and I want to contribute to has not been straightforward. This might be a case where I have to start one. This however takes time and may not see fruit soon.

It’d be great if I find myself to be part of something, but 2020 might be one of those years where I continue to improve myself. Hopefully I will find weekend projects to do and feature them here.

3. This Blog needs more “Love”

This blog had three words in it. The last two words seemed to feature more than the first one! I think this is related to the idea that I haven’t exactly found my voice for this blog.

I really liked the title a lot and I went with it. What does Love mean? Does it mean the things I am passionate? Or is it my desire to explain the idea with the human being precedes low and technology?

Food for thought. For now, I think it means I should not write in a formalistic manner. Be funny man!


I realise at the point of writing the last paragraph, that the above is hardly a plan. It’s more like New Year resolutions. D’oh! Oh well, I suppose I could translate these things into plans in the next few months.

So what are you doing in the next year? Feel free to share by commenting!